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31 Agosto 2010

Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons. This is also the period of time where creative thinking comes and also the playfulness. I would like to further develop their thoughts and learning. Focusing on how their growing insight into linguistic and conceptual structures influences their patterns of learning and reasoning.

After studying children’s movements, I also realize that most children at their age are the most active; you can never force them to seat on for long. They move about in just a blink of an eye, it is so hard for parents to watch out for them. Their reason being, it is boring to seat down and do nothing. Children at these ages are also encouraged to communicate with the others in school. Children are taught what is teamwork and team bonding and how important it is.

The main purposes of my design are to create an interactive seating that allows them to be engaging and same time to influences their learning in group or individual.

by GaenKoh

Ecco l’ennesima declinazione del Tetris in ambito di Interior Design. Non so quanto costi ma ho uno stuolo di artigiani pronti a tutto per pochi spicci! ;)

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