Nintendo Transformation

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Nintendo Wii Commercial I made around ’05/’06
(for fun… then turned in for class) “Wii Transform”

ENJOY! and feel free to comment :)

(Music — Linnear — Drunken Business Man)
copyright Derek Ptacnik 2005

The original animation was done around late summer ’05… I started doing this just for fun. It sat aside for almost 7 months before the final pics of the Wii were released… and I decided to go ahead and finish it up. I almost never finished because around that time a beautiful SONY transformation ad was done by a company called MAKE. I was a little discouraged but decided to finish it up anyway… besides I needed it for my portfolio class haha

Most of the models and ani was originally meant to be an animatic that I turned in to my first of three portfolio classes. This is why you see some frames with… uhhh.. “crap” floating around and why the SNES “splits” rather than doing a full transform. My last few quarters in school were pretty hectic so I never got around to polishing up the lighting/models/textures and such

But for a student project I’m still fairly happy with the result. And the response so far has been radtastic. I should have shown it sooner I guess :)

A hand-held system spot and/or a controller specific animation could be on the way ;) time will tell.

Your critiques are always appreciated.

-Derek Ptacnik

Festeggio così il mio rientro in ufficio, sperando che non sia un repost, ma con la ricerca non ho trovato un cazoz. :D

Ave Nerdoni!


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