The Mugen watch #LegaNerd
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The Mugen watch is not as strange as some, but it will take some time for the owner to learn how to tell the time, but maybe it is not about telling the time, maybe it is wrist art, little gems that adorn the wrists of those who feel that they need not wear a watch because they do not chase time, so the a little spare piece of space that needs covering up, so why not a Mugen watch.

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It is relatively simple really, there are sixty blocks, each representing one minute each, they are grouped in tens, and with a inner spiral that represents one hour each, once used to the display it would be relatively simple to tell the time at glance, while everyone else is stumped at trying to either work out what is or what the time is.




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venerdì 6 agosto 2010 - 18:25

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