Mediometraggio: Pumzi

22 Giugno 2010

Pumzi occurs 35 years after a (probably nuclear) World War III (a.k.a. “The Water Wars”) in an underground city that is constantly on the verge of dessication. The outside world is a lifeless desert inferno, but life behind the walls is just as desolate. Citizens are prescribed “dream suppressants” and the holographic Maitu Council rule with draconian vise grip. The city’s luckier citizens, like our protagonist Asha (Kudzani Moswela), work as bureaucrats or magistrates (Asha’s a museum curator). The lower classes produce power for the city using archaic workout equipment (such as rickety treadmills and rowing machines) or sponge up errant droplets of water in the lavatory.

Un mediometraggio sci-fi di 20 minuti africano.
A dir poco interessante!

Via io9 –


Pasquale Belvito a.k.a. Code2

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