Trent Reznor/NIN: theme for “Tetsuo: The Bullet Man” (e Doom 4 ?)

26 Maggio 2010

Il buon vecchio Trent ha scritto un pezzo per i titoli di coda di Tetsuo: The Bullet Man di Shinya Tsukamoto, giusto in tempo per l’uscita del film negli USA:

Tsukamoto said this was the fulfillment of a 20 years old dream, and that he could not be happier that this collaboration happened specifically with Tetsuo.
The producers spoke with Trent Reznor on the phone in January of last year, and Trent was eager to create the track. However, he did not send a song for a long time. When the Tetsuo camp heard about the Wave Goodbye shows, they had all but given up on this track. They continued editing for 7 or 8 months, and showing it at film festivals around the world, finally finishing the film on October 2009 — without NIN song. But in February of 2010, Trent suddenly sent the song – and the song was, of course, fantastic! They were more than happy to redo the ending again and include the song! Because of that, the final version of TETSUO with NIN song is going to be shown in NYC for the first time.

La canzone in MP3 si può scaricare qui: Link.

Inoltre, sempre su The NIN Hotline:

While we’ve been told to expect no official news on Bethesda and id Software’s upcoming Doom 4 until QuakeCon 2010, which will take place from August 12 to August 15, a reliable source has informed us that id are attempting to sign on Nine Inch Nails’ frontman Trent Reznor as sound engineer for the project.

La cosa non può che farmi piacere!

PS: in quanto Nerd so che tutti conoscete e amate morbosamente Tsukamoto e il suo Tetsuo.

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