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Last year, Incase sponsored the MASH team when they embarked on their uniquely subversive journey to crash the 2009 edition of the Tour of California on their track bikes. For nine days, MASH team riders ascended on the same 700-mile course as international cycling teams on bikes with one gear and no brakes, battling the horrendous rains and traversing some of the steepest hills in California. A little more than one year later, Project Space is proud to host, with MASH, a special exhibition entitled “Revisit MASH Tour of California,” a retrospective on their incredible journey during the 2009 Tour of California. The Project Space installation will showcase documentation from the MASH experience, including a new short film and behind-the-scenes photography, and a display of artifacts from the tour, such as road-worn bicycles, a torn kit from the 2009 Tour and more.

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