Ferrari F1 Wireless Gamepad F60

9 Aprile 2010

Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wireless Gamepad
Hanno realizzato un gamepad per PS3 e Pc ispirato al muso della Ferrari F60 (quella 2009) e ci saranno persona che spenderanno 35 sterline per comprarlo solo perché rosso e col cavallino sopra. Questo mi incuriosisce sempre.

Questa la descrizione che ho trovato legata a questo prodotto:

Compatible with both PlayStation 3 and PC, this is (quite literally) the Ferrari of joypads. It’s built by gaming peripheral stalwarts Thrustmaster, with a design that’s inspired by the nose of Ferrari’s 2009 F1 car. And while its biggest selling point is definitely its looks, there are a few extra perks that you won’t find on Sony’s standard PS3 controller. First, the underside boasts a pair of progressive triggers that better lend themselves to gradual acceleration and braking than the console’s default joypad, making minor adjustments to speed easier to gauge.

There’s also the ability to program preset button configurations, so that you’ve always got the right set-up for the right game. But despite packing in some handy features, it’s a bit uncomfortable to hold, even with “peach skin” textured grips thrown in. Still, it’ll look a treat on your shelf when not mangling your palms.

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