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Personality Howard is a Jewish aerospace engineer at Caltech's Department of Applied Physics who often hangs out at Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki) and Sheldon Cooper's (Jim Parsons) apartment where he is best friends with Rajesh Koothrappali (Kunal Nayyar), he was born in 1981 as specified in season one's episode "The Pancake Batter Anomaly". Howard sports a bowl-style haircut and tends to wear loud, vintage, 1960-era outfits, a V-neck or tee shirt over a turtleneck or dicky which sport a variety of pins, and always has skinny pants. He is also fond of unusual belt buckles, which have included a Nintendo controller, a silver Batman logo, a 45 RPM record insert, a Klingon communicator and a buckle containing the superhero the Flash. Like his friends, Howard is a big fan of comic books and superheroes. It is also quite clear that his current and preferred personal transportation is via his Vespa motor scooter. Besides English, Howard is a polyglot and speaks other languages, these being French, Mandarin, Russian, Arabic, and Persian and the constructed language Klingon from the Star Trek franchise. Although in the show Howard has been mentioned to speak these languages, the writers haven't explored much his proficiency. One time, when Leonard, Sheldon, and Raj went to their usual Chinese restaurant, the waiter referred to Howard as "their annoying friend who thinks he can speak Mandarin". As an evidence, when in S1E01, he greeted Penny in Chinese ("洗个痛快澡" "have a good shower!") with wrong tones. Another time, Howard addressed Penny in Russian («Ты очень красивая девушка» — „You are very beautyful girl“), but he had a really bad pronunciation. In season 3 (The Precious Fragmentation) he also has shown he knows some of the elvish language created by J.R.R. Tolkien for The Lord of the Rings novels. Howard fancies himself a "ladies' man" and he provides outrageous pick-up lines whenever there is a female present. Howard describes himself as a romantic, although he usually comes across as overtly sexual and, in the words of Penny, disgusting. Howard, much like Penny, dislikes many of Sheldon's antics, but he has grown accustomed to them. One time, Penny asked Howard why he and Raj became friends with Sheldon, he simply replied "We liked Leonard". Howard is allergic to peanuts, and they pose a serious threat to his life. He also mentioned having transient idiopathic arrhythmia. Howard is proud of the fact that he has only 3% body fat, which Raj notes makes him look like a human chicken wing. Although Jewish, Howard is not very serious about his faith and does not keep kosher. For instance, he eats pork, and when the price of pork went up at the group's favorite Chinese restaurant he remarked "it's getting tougher and tougher to be a bad Jew". When Howard got sick after eating a chinese pork cuision, Raj criticized him for eating something non-kosher and quoted Leviticus 11:3. In another occasion, when Howard tried to date Sheldon's sister, Missy, he said he would kill his rabbi with a pork chop if his religion was an impediment, and one of the reasons he was happy to continue dating a Catholic girl named Bernadette was the chance to really annoy his mom. Despite this, Howard has shown some belief in his faith. When he and Raj posed as goths to pick up women, he wore fake-tattoo sleeves on his arms, and refused to get actual tattoos so he could still be buried in a Jewish cemetery. Family Howard is noted for still living with his overbearing mother, who is oblivious to his accomplishments as a grown-up and usually treats him like he is still a child, filling the cliché of a Jewish mother. Mrs. Wolowitz is never seen on-screen but her voice is heard when he is at their house or when he talks to her on the phone. She talks to Howard always by yelling at him, which results in awkward long-distance conversations with Howard yelling back at her. She makes Howard's life miserable at home which prompts him to call her a "crazy old lady". In "The Precious Fragmentation" Howard reveals that his father left his family when Howard was 11. His mother bought him an Alf doll to help Howard try to get over it. When Howard finds a similar doll at a garage sale he starts talking to it as if he were 11 again, asking him to find his dad and bring him home. This causes Penny (who usually avoids Howard and is sickened by him) to be sympathetic. The trauma of this and the lack of a father figure throughout adolescence may be the root of much of Howard's behavior. Work Unlike Leonard, Sheldon, and Raj, Howard does not have a Ph.D., and is sometimes mocked about it, especially by Sheldon. He defends himself by pointing out that he has a master's degree from MIT. Howard is usually seen working on equipment to be used in NASA missions and the International Space Station, though many times he is careless about it. In the first episode, Howard mentioned working on the design of a satellite that orbits a moon of Jupiter taking high-resolution photos. Having worked on the Mars rover project, he invited his date, Dr. Stephanie Barnett, to drive it at a secret facility. Instead, the rover became stuck in a Martian ditch and he spent the rest of the night with Sheldon and Raj trying to repair the damage. When this proved unsuccessful, he decided to erase the hard drives of the facility to cover up his doings, only to later find out that the rover had discovered water in the ditch. On another occasion, Howard worked on a zero-gravity human-waste disposal system, essentially a "space toilet", that was deployed in the International Space Station. He later realized the equipment had a structural weakness, and again sought the help of his friends to correct it. The solution proved unsuccessful. Being the engineer among his physicist friends, he assumes the role of leader for small hands-on projects. He was the primary force behind "M.O.N.T.E.", a killer robot designed to enter a robot fighting competition. The robot was destroyed by Barry Kripke's own robot, the "Kripke Krippler", in an unofficial match. Relationships Howard is consistently depicted as the most sex-crazed of the guys. When it comes to women, Howard doesn't discriminate and is not very concerned by a woman's age or physical attractiveness, and he is open to try new things. One time he developed a mathematical formula for the likelihood of him having sex by applying and modifying the Drake equation to include the "Wolowitz coefficient", which he defined as "neediness times dress size squared". He stated, "I'm a horny engineer,... I never joke about math or sex". Howard's techniques to approach women are varied, including magic and card tricks, ventriloquism, and techniques from the Mystery Method, such as peacocking and negging. Along with Leonard and Raj, Howard also attempted to date Missy, Sheldon's fraternal twin sister. His offer wasn't accepted. Since the beginning of the series, Howard shows interest in Penny, but she always turned him down. After yet another approach by Howard, Penny finally confronted him about how he treats women. This greatly affected Howard, and he fell into depression, missing work and staying home. When Penny went to apologize, Howard told her about his past relationships and Penny showed some sympathy for him; after her comforting words, Howard tried to kiss her, but she reacted and punched him in the face. With the situation resolved, Penny believed they had come to an "understanding", but Howard thought he was merely "half-way to pity sex" with her. Howard engaged in a "friends with benefits" relationship with Leslie Winkle which brought him a few benefits beside sex. However, he still became depressed when Leslie dumped him some time later. In order to cheer him up, Leonard and Raj took Howard to Las Vegas, and managed to hire a prostitute for him. When the guys travelled by train to a symposium in San Francisco, Howard had a chance to talk to Summer Glau (portraying herself); eventually she got so annoyed by him that she broke his cell phone. During a camping trip with Leonard and Raj, in which they all got stoned by eating cookies laced with marijuana, Howard revealed he lost his virginity with his second cousin Jeanie, after his uncle's funeral. Despite the fact that Howard is undeniably obsessed with women, he is accused of being in a homosexual relationship with Raj. In the show, this has been pointed out by Dr. Beverly Hofstadter, Leonard's mother. In her words, they are in an "ersatz homosexual marriage". Raj and Howard have several arguments during the series, in which Raj repeatedly accuses Howard of leaving him for everybody who's only slightly better looking and otherwise assuming the cliché female role in partnership arguments. More recently he has a new romance named Bernadette (Melissa Rauch). A waitress paying her way through graduate school microbiology studies, Bernadette was introduced to Howard via Penny. At first she and Howard did not get along, as they appeared to have nothing in common. However, when they found out they both had overbearing mothers they immediately felt a connection. Subsequently, Howard realized Bernadette was a real opportunity to develop a lasting relationship, and in an impulsive manner he proposed to her. Although Bernadette rejected his offer, they remained a couple for a time, but they did eventually break up. Now there is often a running gag between Leonard and Howard mocking Raj for being single. In The Plimpton Stimulation, Howard briefly mentioned that he and Bernadette broke up a couple weeks earlier, but did not mention it since he "was waiting for the right time." Non perdere tempo a leggere.. ma se vuoi.. Sono una persona di sesso maschile circondata da troppa gente comune.. e.. sono in cerca delle mie radici nerd.. studio grafico quindi se avete qualche richiesta non esitate a Bazingare! Un giorno conquisteremo il mondo insieme ai piccoli umpa-lumpa della scienza!!! bwahahaha
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