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Thanks to modder Scott Coxhead (and friends), you can now add insult to grievous injury by replacing Unreal Tournament 3’s most powerful, weapon, the Redeemer, with the rainbow-secreting feline of internet meme fame. Once unleashed, Nyan cat be guided around the battlefield, filling the arena with its appallingly catchy theme tune, and leaving a distinctive rainbow trail in its wake. When it reaches its target, or if it gets shot down – the trailer reminds us that Nyan Cat survival is not guaranteed – it erupts in a fiery multicolor “nyansplosion” killing everything nearby. Essentially, these modders have managed to replace the mild annoyance I feel upon hearing that goddamn song with genuine fear. Wonderful.

The mod also includes custom suicide and death messages for those poor souls claimed by the Nyansplosion, as well as a special rainbow-themed UI for the player guiding the terrible creature towards its target.

Epic fail o epic win? NT o “meh”? Ai nerdaioli l’ardua sentenza.

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