Libya: Operation Odyssey Dawn #LegaNerd

After weeks of talking the world kind of agreed on what to do about Libya and Gaddafi. UN Resolution 1973 was passed and work could begin on establishing a no-fly zone over Libya. Thereby preventing Gadaffi from using his airforce to bomb the rebels, who had been driven back all the way to Benghazi. Before the ink was dry French jets had already taken to the air to take out Libyan army tanks, something which was not in the no-fly zone agreement. Shortly afterwards the rest of the coalition unleashed some of their might and Gadaffi’s air defenses were attacked by cruise missiles, fighter jets and bombers.
In military terms it was deemed a success, but in political terms that age old conundrum reared it’s ugly head again. Where is the line between too much and not enough? Either way, the rebels are happy for now and have a better chance of fighting Gadaffi’s army, but one thing is certain. We can’t turn back the clock now. If Gadaffi wins, the coalition countries and all who supported them will be on his hit list. And we all know Mad Dog Gadaffi does not mind using some underhand tactics as pay back.

Liberamente ispirato all’articolo di Zed di questa mattina, pubblico una gallery presa direttamente dal sito totallycoolpix che riesce a trasmettere la voglia di libertà del popolo Libico.

Ci sono foto stupende IMHO, si vede come la gente seppur soffrendo vuole liberarsi di un male più grande; non è assolutamente un articolo a sfondo politico o roba simile, voglio solo condividere cosa può fare un popolo.


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