Clement Valla - Postcards from Google Earth #LegaNerd

My work focuses on socio-technical systems that raise a number of interesting questions about authorship and human/computer relationships. I explore digital technologies that are not simply new tools to create and distribute copies of things but that also enable new social relationships through which people produce multiples. I treat existing artifacts, existing site conditions, market relationships, or networked and collaborative systems as programmable systems, using simple algorithmic methods: copying, repetition, iteration. When my programs run their course, inherent contradictions and absurd situations result from the very structure of the system itself, producing unfamiliar artifacts and juxtapositions. Like an anamorphic projection, my programs produce distortions that reveal their own underlying logic, but also point to the system as it functions when we fail to notice it- when it works conventionally.

Clement Valla, artista e programmatore, ci mostra in queste immagini le svariate aberrazioni di visualizzazione causate da Google Earth rendendole artistiche.

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He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man. // :a65: #comment-291933
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