The Pactuator: un Pac Man a manovella #LegaNerd

I call it the Pactuator. I kind of fell in love with the little guy, but it’s going to be a (long) while before the game is ready.
In the meantime I wanted a nice way to display and play with it (and keep myself inspired to finish the full project).
To that end, I drew up a feeble pastiche of a Victorian frame with a Pac-Man motif, laser engraved it in some wood, and made a little display, complete with a hand-crank.

Follow my progress on Pac Machina at​

Per ora è un oggettino divertente, ma se veramente il buon Jonathan M. Guberman riesce a costruire un Pac Man giocabile totalmente meccanico si becca un :nt: d’ufficio.

Potete seguire lo sviluppo del progetto e i relativi dettagli costruttivi sul suo sito:


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