Year in Ideas (10th edition) #LegaNerd

For the 10th consecutive December, the magazine has chosen to look back on the past year through a distinctive prism: ideas.

Our digest of short entries refracts the light beam of human inspiration, breaking it up into its constituent colors – innovations and insights from a spectrum of fields, including economics, biology, engineering, medicine, literature, sports, music and, of course, raw-meat clothing. Happy thinking!

Bellissimo articolo del New York Times per raccontare il 2010 con le migliori idee. Pagina graficamente ineccepibile, funzionale e pure bella da vedere. Thumbs Up per il NYTM!

Il video in questione è per l’idea The Long-Life-Span Smartphone
Sean Pecknold: Director, Writer, Animator,
Britta Johnson: Editor, Props, Set Design, Art Department
Justin Braegelmann: Sound Design.

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