Williamsburg diventa Hoth #LegaNerd

If ever there were a time for an AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport) in New York City, it would be this week… you know, if they were programmed to bring us to get coffee and transport us to our jobs on time. What we’re saying is, it’s like the ice planet Hoth out there, and we could use a little Lucas magic. Luckily, one Williamsburg resident, Henry Hargreaves, took some photos around the neighborhood and dropped some Star Wars characters into them, so at least we can pretend.

Beh, non il top dell’originalità, ma l’effetto è carino.


Nello spoiler un’altra foto “credibile”, le altre due inserite nella gallery della fonte sono un pochino “accrocchiate” [semi-cit.] :)

riccardo bucchioni a.k.a. Adam-Antium

illustratore/grafico/mutante perduto tra fumetti,film,designer toys ed altre possibili nerdate. :)
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