Semi Automatic NERF Longshot #LegaNerd

The first question I often get about this creation is “Why?.” The answer is quite simple, I am an engineering student at Stony Brook University. We play a game on campus called “Humans vs. Zombies.” That fact coupled with my over competitiveness, and my drive to engineer things most people wouldn’t is what ultimately spawned this NERF gun.
Although it may not be the first ever made, it certainly is one of the best to date. I would classify this as a prototype, it is far from perfect but it DOES work. Unfortunately I was only able to use it for a few days of the fall 2010 SBU HvZ game as it was damaged when a zombie caught one of the hoses and cracked the shell. It is of course fixable I just would rather make a new more improved version (Flywheels…. that’s the only teaser you’re going to get ;).
This Instructable will hopefully be viewed by a few other forums as I hardly have the time to even write this.

Potete farlo anche voi seguendo la guida su Instructables. ;)


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