Snowball Blaster #LegaNerd

Snowball Blaster has 128 channels of Light-o-rama controlled by a PC. The game logic is running on a Basic Stamp which accepts inputs from the player switches and controls the Red Arrows with sold state relays. The BS also sends logic level triggers to the LOR system for Game start and Crash. The snowballs, scoreboard (and the rest of the light show live in the LOR program.) There are separate LOR programs for Attract, Crash and Game play. The BS knows when the snowballs reach the bottom, and compares that to where it knows the Arrow is to detect crashes.

Il gran varietà religioso (Cit.) è ormai alle porte, come resistere alla tentazione di trasformare le luminarie casalinghe composte da 26000 Led in un gigantesco videogioco per la gioia di grandi e piccini (e del gestore della rete elettrica)?!?


I'm not Weird, I'm Limited Edition.
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