Slow Motion 60 fps GoPro HD #LegaNerd

Nick Campbell, uno dei miei motion designer preferiti, da, ci da l’ennesimo motivo per compiere l’incauto acquisto definitivo.
Lo so che la volete! VOLETELA!

An experiment at the Dunes with my camera my friends and the dogs.

Filmed with the GoPro HD HERO Camera Naked at 60fps, slowed down and color graded in After Effects with Vintage Film For Looks. The quality of the video is really good for such a little teeny camera. I love that it’s water proof to, so I don’t mind the dogs biting and drooling on it.

Another note. It’s amazing what slowed down footage and a sad song will do to a fun day at the beach. Music is more than 50% of the mood. Just saying.

Caro Giuggiù bambino, dammi la forza(cit.) per comprarmela a Natale.

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