Gravitonus Workstation #LegaNerd

Workstation is a revolutionary, multifunctional computerized system, created to provide for optimal ergonomic conditions at work.

System constantly changes position of the user to maintain comfort in relation to the Earth Gravitational Field vector.

Matrox TripleHead capability with special displays attachment allows to align the display in the user’s best field of vision in any body position.

Onboard LED lights array provides shadow-less and glare-free local illumination of the working area and guaranties good conditions for visual control.

Active ventilated seat plus heating feature with automatic control of blower speed and airflow distribution.

Special keyboard attachment allows moving the keyboard freely in 3D and fixing it firmly in space as per user’s wishes.

Dynamic exoskeleton for both hands promotes freedom of movement while stabilizing user’s position. It easily follows task-related postures and arm positions, thus reducing muscle loads on the neck, shoulders and arms.

With 5.1 surround sound system, the music, cinema and game action and excitement envelops you.

Subwoofer is integrated into the back of the seat to add a sensation effect. The sound is felt – not just heard.

Sul prezzo ovviamente nessuna notizia ma immagino che sarà molto molto modesto! ;-)
Sotto spoiler un video esplicativo…

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