NanoWatch cinturini per iPod #LegaNerd

There are several other companies making watch straps for Apple’s latest iPod Nano but the NanoWatch is by far my favorite. The designers have been working feverishly since the Nano (6G) made its debut and although technically late in the game, I believed it paid off. The back of the strap is debossed to perfectly level the Nano’s built-in clip. It’s the only company I know of that makes their straps out of eco-friendly silicon – that’s no nickel or phthalater. It’s also the only company who makes silicon to perfectly match the Nano’s color range. Only €18.00.

Dopo i cinturini di HEX ecco anche i NanoWatch, acquistabili a 18€ e spediti anche in Europa.

Via YankoDesign


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