Videocamera 3D con Open Kinect #LegaNerd

Adafruit’s quest for open source Kinect drivers always had the potential to create something awesome. The Adafruit blog points to the homepage of data analysis and visualization researcher, Oliver Kreylos from UC Davis, who has used parts of Hector Martin’s open source drivers to transform Xbox 360’s Kinect motion controller into a 3D video camera. Kreylos manipulated the data streams from the Kinect’s IR and colour camera using his own programs to create a 3D environment he can interact and modify.

The researcher has posted two proof-of-concept videos that show him manipulating 3D rendering of his room and accurately measuring real world objects using the motion controller. The project is still in the nascent stages, but its capabilities are remarkable nonetheless. The open source community’s increasing interest in Kinect should bring some exciting new implementation of the device outside of the Xbox 360, which may even end up boosting sales of the motion controllers owing to homebrew interest.

Applicazione decisamente interessante del nuovo driver opensource Open Kinect di cui abbiamo largamente discusso ultimamente, qui impiegato per videoregistrare e manipolare un ambiente a tre dimensioni.

Via TechTree

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