Kinect: il driver opensource è arrivato #LegaNerd

The competition for the first Open Source driver for the Kinect is heating up. [Marcan42] has released a driver that does video and depth. He was able to do this without an Xbox and you can see it in action after the break. [LadyAda] has been hard at work as well, recording and dumping the data, and even writing a “hello world” that utilizes the motors in the Kinect.
We don’t know for sure how [Marcan42] recorded his data, but we can see [Ladyada] is using a high speed Beagle USB 480 to record the data going both ways between the Xbox360 and the Kinect.

Si era parlato del contest qua, e direi che la risposta della comunità è arrivata in breve tempo… :-)

Via Hack a day

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