Call of Duty: Black Ops hides Zork easter egg #LegaNerd

Voglia di giocare un po’ a Zork?

Ecco come si fa:

The menu screen in Call of Duty: Black Ops is not like other menu screens. That’s because it lets you play a classic adventure game.

Players like YouTube user BoredMunkey have already discovered a fantastic Easter egg in the shooter game, which Activision released Tuesday. Following the steps in the video above, players can break away from the game’s main menu and access an old computer that’s running DOS. Type in “Zork” and you’ll get to play the classic Infocom text adventure in its entirety. You’ll also get the “Eaten by a Grue” achievement, which will make more sense once you play the game.

[quote]As depicted in the video above, you can access a top-down zombie shooter called Dead Ops Arcade by typing “DOA” into the computer.

In case you’re wondering how this is all possible, Activision currently owns the licensing rights to Zork, having purchased the game’s developer, Infocom, in 1986. Although Infocom is long gone, Activision still owns the brand, which means the Call of Duty publishing company can include Zork in every game it releases.

Did you hear that, Activision? We demand Zork in every game you release.

Via Wired.


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