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Sonnotek is a young artist of 27 year from the South of France. She’s been hanging out at free parties for several years but it’s since 2003 that she’s taken a deep interest in composing her own tracks thanks to her boyfriend’s hardware and knowledge. Using Computer aided music,particular Ableton Live, she rapidly becomes hooked of “click .. and kick “! From initial minimalist happytek compositions, she’s known how to make her style evolve into aggressive hardtek, with heavy kicks, catchy melodies and distorted rhythms. Spotted by AstrofoniK Records, She brings out her 1st Ep ( astrogirl ) in June, 2008. You can find her henceforth on numerous European stages.

E non è solo una brava anche una discreta patata!!!!!!

Bologna Pokémon League

Bologna Pokémon League a.k.a. tasty

Bologna Pokémon League è una lega ufficiale abilitata da TPCI, fondata nel 2016 da Matteo Rizza, arbitro internazionale e organizzatore di eventi GCC e VGC.
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