Cypher Vision - A Short Film #LegaNerd

See Dane Reynolds, Julian Wilson, Jeremy Flores and Kelly Slater in Quiksilvers Cypher Vision A Short Film. Shot at 1000 frames a second with a revolutionary camera that had never been used to shoot surfing or film in the ocean, you will trip out on the amazing high definition footage and super slo-mo sequences of the world’s best surfers. See every drop of spray, their boards flexing when they land big airs, their body contortions, and the unique lines they draw on every wave. It’s high performance surfing as never seen before. More at

Bellissimo video (imho) di surf in slowmo con i nostri eroi preferiti del team Quiksilver, rigorosamente da guardare in hd. :D


Sono uno studente di Architettura,abito a Ravenna i miei hobby sono : musica,videogames,film,leggere,giochi di ruolo e da tavolo e nerdate varie ed eventuali :D
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