Beck e il video E-Pro #LegaNerd

The surreal music video for the song was created by Shynola. It is set in a computer-animated environment, where Beck rises from a grave and digs up a dog, only to be pursued by skeletal zombies. He escapes on what appears to be a bike, the wheels of which turn into legs and climb buildings. Near the middle of the video, his head is knocked off and is washed in a washing machine and fished out of a river, only to be shot back onto his neck via cannon. Near the end Beck is seen running from a giant skull made up of the graveyard gate and headstones. He begins jumping up a series of musical notes, finally teetering on the last one as the song abruptly cuts off and the video fades to black. Subsequently, the video was nominated for “Best Music Video” in the 2005 MyISAMs Awards.

I video prodotti dalla Shynola sono davvero numerosi e tutti di ottima fattura, ma questo aveva quel tocco nerd in più! ;-)

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