Mouse 3D DIY #LegaNerd

[Valentin Heun] and his cohorts developed this three-dimensional controller using tools common to the hacker community. The patent-pending device uses a sphere for rotational input but can also be nudged for movement on 3 axes.

You may remember that [Valentin] as involved with that 10,000 watt flourescent lamp display. His Arduino skills were honed with that installation and used during the development of this mouse. Also joining in the prototyping fun was a 3D printer used to make the parts. From project to production, we figure the skills you use when hacking are breaking down the barriers that inventors have traditionally faced when looking to marked useful products.

Prototyping: you’re doing it well!

Per chi non capisse l’anglolingua: l’autore ha utilizzato una piattaforma Arduino (e una stampante 3D) per creare il prototipo di questo controller a tre dimensioni, prossimamente in commercio.

Via Hack a day

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