Ozzy Osbourne: Genoma Codificato #LegaNerd

The “Godfather of heavy metal,” “the Prince of Darkness,” the man who made himself famous by biting the heads off small animals, Ozzy Osbourne, has had his genome sequenced.

Già il buon Defkon QUI ci aveva anticipato l’inizio degli studi sul DNA di Ozzy.
E’ di questi giorni la notizia che Il Principe delle Tenebre è diventato una delle poche persone al mondo a poter vantare la completa codifica del proprio genoma. Gli studi erano stati fatti per rispondere alla domanda che un po’ tutti ci poniamo pensando a lui, come anche Keith Richards o a Lemmy per citarne solo alcuni.

Come diavolo fa ad essere ancora vivo?

Bearing in mind what Dr. Nathan said about those odds being dodgy, here are some other interesting things he told me: I’m 6.13 times more likely than the average person to have alcohol dependency or alcohol cravings (er… yeah); 1.31 times more likely to have a cocaine addiction (this must be bollocks, because anyone who takes coke as much as I did gets hooked); and 2.6 times more likely to have hallucinations while taking cannabis (makes sense, although I was usually loaded on so many different things at the same time, it was hard to know what was doing what).

…”One of the unusual things we found in your genome was a spelling in the regulatory segment of your ADH4 gene, which metabolises alcohol,” said Dr Nathan. “It could make you more able to break down alcohol than the average person. Or less able.” I used to drink four bottles of cognac a day. I’m not sure I need a Harvard scientist to get to the bottom of that mystery.

Voglio anche io quel segmento del gene ADH4!

L’articolo completo lo trovate QUI.

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