La Fisica della vita #LegaNerd
Laido Laido

To describe different phenomena, physicists use various units:
PASCALS, for example, measure the pressure applied to a certain area.
COULOMBS measure electric charge (that can occur if said area is a synthetic carpet).
DECIBELS measure the intensity of the trouble the physicist gets into because he didnʼt take off his shoes first…

Christoph Neimann ha creato queste illustrazioni per rappresentare la Fisica applicata alla vita quotidiana… perchè anche la vita è soggetta alle leggi della Fisica.

Obviously, the hair loss theory I just presented is bogus. Hair canʼt be “lost.” Since Antoine Lavoisier, we all know that “matter can be neither created nor destroyed, though it can be rearranged,” which, sadly, it eventually will.

Based on supercomplicated physical observations, Einstein concluded that two objects may perceive time differently.

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