Saturday Morning Watchmen #LegaNerd

Sigla di un ipotetico cartoon per ragazzi con protagonisti i Watchmen, lolloso.
Testo della sigla
Strong together, united forever
They’re the best of friends

But when troubles about, you’d best watch out
For the Watchmen!

Nite Owl is their leader
And he loves to party down

Rorschach’s friends to the animals…

“Yeah, when he’s not clowning around”

“I’m nutty!”

Beat up some thugs, say no to drugs
Be in bed by 10

But if troubles about, you’d best watch out
For the Watchmen!

Silk Spectres a sensation
You should really never miss

The Comedian’s her biggest fan now…

“If I could only get that kiss!”

Ozy and Bubastis – a couple o’
Crimesolving superstars

Jon can give you cancer
and he’ll turn into a car

Strong together, united forever
Come and meet your friends

Have no fear, times up, times here
For the Watchmen!


Via twitter di Alan Moore


abile perditore di tempo, nottambulo professionista, provo a studiare, mi interesso di quasi tutto. "in cuesta frase ci sono 4 erorri"
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