Sony, Google TV e il multitasking #LegaNerd

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Sony annuncia, dal 16 ottobre, una linea di TV LCD equioaggiati con Google TV, la piattaforma Android-based dedicata alla televisione, con prezzi che vanno da 600$ a 1400$.

La televisione, finalmente, come strumento interattivo e multitasking (tipo twittare mentre vedi un programma TV, fare ricerche in Internet etc), sono proprio curioso di provarla ‘sta Google TV.

Sony’s Internet TV HDTVs will come in four sizes: 46-inch ($1,400), 40-inch ($1,000), 32-inch ($800), and 24-inch ($600).
All four will have Intel processors, 1080p resolution and LED backlighting (except the 24-inch HDTV, which has a CCFL backlight).
They will all have four HDMI and four USB inputs. (The press release has no information about component or composite inputs.)
They all have Wi-Fi, will come with the now-famous QWERTY RF remote with integrated mouse, and of course will have Google TV built-in. (Each Internet TV model has the NSX prefix and a GT1 suffix; for example, the 46-inch Internet TV is the NSX-46GT1.)

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