Zack Snyder’s Bag of Super Cinematic Tricks #LegaNerd

Mi riferisco al post di Zano di ieri e aggiungo questo update: un articolo di Wired su come Zack Snyder ha intenzione di “reinventare” Superman nel suo prossimo film.

Sono ovviamente supposizioni che si basano sul background cinematografico di Snyder:

Style: Smash-and-grab cinematography propelled by a killer soundtrack sets sights on an elaborate alterna-vision of Metropolis populated by a ticked-off Superman and some truly vicious criminals. There should be loads of ingeniously staged bloodshed, fires and explosions. Introspection? Not so much.

Lex Luthor: Kevin Spacey looked good in a white suit in Superman Returns, but a skull-capped Gene Hackman set the bar as a scenery-chomping Lex Luthor in Superman and Superman II. If Supes’ most famous nemesis pops up in this reboot, Snyder should consider Jackie Earle Haley of Watchmen fame. Though he’s not a physically large man, Haley more than makes up for the stature issue with an ability to channel a freakish measure of authentic menace.

Lois Lane: Any of the young Sucker Punch stars — Vanessa Hudgens, Emily Browning, Jena Malone or Jamie Chung — could probably do an adequate Lois Lane, but producer Nolan might want to give Snyder a tap on the shoulder and suggest Inception star Ellen Page. Perky, bright and fierce, who better than the Oscar-winning Page to give Margot Kidder a run for her money by bringing some charming friction to Clark Kent’s Daily Planet colleague?

She-villain: Carla Gugino, expertly ambivalent in graphic novel-based movies like Sin City and Watchmen, could bring sultry urgency to the role of Silver Banshee. The Gaelic sorceress, capable of literally screaming victims to death, first faced off against Superman in a 1987 issue of Action Comics.

Jor-El: As godfather of the project, Nolan could champion his Inception star Leonardo DiCaprio for the part of Superman’s father Jor-El. Lather up DiCaprio, who has never done a comic book movie, with aging prosthetics and he could bring intensity to the character famously incarnated by Marlon Brando in 1978’s Superman.

Superman: 300 star Gerard Butler’s got the physique, but he’s from Scotland, and it just won’t do to have a non-American playing Superman, right? Faster than a speeding bullet, Snyder should consider Jon Hamm for the title role. At 39, he’d make the oldest Superman ever. On the other hand, Andrew Garfield, age 27, is prepping to play a teenage Peter Parker in Spider-Man 4, so ageism be damned. Hamm, who appears in Snyder’s upcoming Sucker Punch, showed he can play the bespectacled Clark Kent-style geek during his goofy guest shots opposite Tina Fey in TV’s 30 Rock. Plus, he’s got the jaw line and rugged good looks.

Wild card: Before getting into feature films, Snyder shot a music video in 2000 for British-born pop eccentric Morrisey. The singer has personality to burn. Surely there’s got to be room for an evil fop in the Superman reboot. If so, Mr. Snyder, Morrisey’s your man.

Posso dirlo?

Per quanto mi riguarda Ellen Page di buono ha fatto solo Juno per ora (Inception resta comunque un filmone, sia chiaro).

Per il resto Morrisey potrebbe essere l’unico motivo di interesse…


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