8 bit Labs: "Pakku Rotundus", ovvero Pac Man #LegaNerd

My follow-up to Making a Piranha Plant, this animated depiction of the last days and final destination of a P. rotundus specimen is part of my 8-Bit Labs series of sculptures.
Each piece is based on a classic videogame character as seen through the prism of real-life anatomy. They are rendered in clay, painted with acrylics and sealed in resin to give the appearance of a specimen preserved in formaldehyde. Seen here is a Pakku rotundus, which is based on Pac Man.
Sculpture, art and animation by Jaime Margary
Music: “Wake and Bake” by Definite One
Guitar: Emma X, Bass: Jason Armstrong
Conceptual arrangement by Jaime Margary

Dopo la pianta-piranha il buon Kalapusa ha messo in cantiere l’icona 8 bit per eccellenza (poi tocca a Mario, state tranquilli), Pac Man.


Vic20, ZX Spectrum 48K, Commodore 64, Commodore 128, IBM PC (processore 8088, 4.77MHz). Poi sono diventato un Bot.
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