La guerra dei formati #LegaNerd
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Format wars are to the tech world what elections are to politics, or what playoffs are to sports: a chance for competing candidates to go big or go home — based on the preferences of the masses. The most cited example is the great Betamax vs. VHS war of the early ’80s (in which the objectively better standard got trounced), but, in truth, battles over standards have been with us since the first wheel was chipped from stone. Switched took a gander through time, and pulled together some of the greatest (and most interesting) format wars, most of which affect us today. Hit up the comments for battles that you think deserve inclusion in our hall of forgotten, or outmatched, tech.

Un gran bell’articolo sulla storia dei formati, gli epocali scontri tra diversi formati nell’arco della storia della tecnica, molto interessate, leggetelo qua:

Format Wars: A History of What-Could-Have-Been, From Betamax to Dvorak


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