Incredibile DIY 1.25kJ Coilgun #LegaNerd

”Danger. High Voltage. Do Not Touch. Death or Serious Injury May Occur.” read the side of the coilgun. It’s a real, functioning homemade coil-gun by Jason, aka YouTube user Larsplatoon, aka Photobucket and user Saz43. “It’s a gun that fires a projectile with magnetic force instead of gunpowder. The projectile from this gun won’t kill a person, but the electrical energy stored in the capacitors is 78 times the lethal amount for human beings so this is no toy.” It took 2 years to complete, and packs a 12-volt high drain battery, four huge capacitor housings in the stock, and an old cellphone regulator board to keep it from overcharging. In other words: flip the charging switch, watch the capacitors charge up, and when the light switches from red to green, fire away. Watching this video of it in action.

Sembra ben funzionante e molto ben fatta, se volete una dimostrazione nello spoiler un video che prova la sua funzionalità :D

Via LikeCOOL


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