Audi robot at London #LegaNerd

Here’s yet another fine preview of the inevitable robot apocalypse — car-assembling arms in the city center overlooking us feeble humans. For now, though, these machines are merely part of an Kram/Weisshaar art installation dubbed Outrace. Throughout the week-long London Design Festival, you can go to to submit a short text message that you wish to be displayed in Trafalgar Square, and with a bit of luck, the monitoring staff will pick up your greeting. What happens next is that the eight LED-equipped Audi robot arms will start scribing your message in the air, which is then captured by the 36 long-exposure cameras surrounding the stage (even during the day, courtesy of welding glass filter), and it’ll end up on the LED board as pictured. Stuck outside London? Fret not, as you can see the beasts in action via the website’s live video stream, or you can watch bullet-time videos of each message on Outrace’s YouTube channel — we’ve got one for you guys in both clips after the break.

Uno show veramente bello fatto dai robot dell’Audi con dei semplici LED a Londra.
Qui trovate le altre foto dello spettacolo, enjoy!

Via Engadget


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