40 nuovi tutorial per Photoshop #LegaNerd
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While your neighbors son is more than happy to create graphics for you, Photoshop is so much more than lens flare and gradients. If you have any desire to create graphics for the Web then you definitely need to learn to use Adobe Photoshop. Because of this we have gathered 40 of the best tutorials we could find.

You may hear many designers speaking out against tutorials because they “stifle creativity”. However, one of the things you need to consider is tutorials are not created to spark creativity but to teach techniques. So have fun with these tutorials, learn some new skills, and apply what you have learned to your own designs.

Without further delay I present to you 40 Brilliant Photoshop Tutorials

Li trovate qua: http://www.testking.com/techking/roundups/40-great-photoshop-tutorials



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