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Since established in Taiwan in 1986, UNICORN has been acknowledged as anoutstanding motherboards designer and manufacturer in the Industrial Computer field by quality industrial-grade maiboards which have been evolved from LPX format 286, 386, 486, Pentium, to the up-to-date Mini-ITX and SBC formats Intel Core 2 Duo models and VIA C7 CPU embeds platforms.

All Unicorns products are designed, produced and maintained in Taiwan by ourselves as we intend to provide our worldwide clients with direct and instant services; though most of clients are not in Taiwan, we always replied their inquiries or offered solutions to their problems so prompt that seems the time zone difference is not exist and then earn their trust and applause as return.

Our wide array of products, includes Industrial-grade motherboards, barebones systems, Panel PCs and accessories, all have been successfully adapted to various applications as: Terminal Controllers, POS, LAN Station, Communication Controllers, Amusement/Gaming Devices, banking systems, Upgrading Systems, Airport Terminals, and of course, the Information Kiosks.

Ora questa società mi dovrebbe ringraziare per la pubblicità che ho fatto :D



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