Robot guidato da un moscerino della frutta #LegaNerd
Laido Laido

Swiss researchers have used a fruit fly to steer a mobile robot through an obstacle course in the lab. They call it the Cyborg Fly.
Chauncey Graetzel and colleagues at ETH Zurich’s Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems started by building a miniature IMAX movie theater for their fly. Inside, they glued the insect facing a LED screen that flashed different patterns. These patterns visually stimulated the fly to beat its left or right wing faster or slower, and a vision system translated the wing motion into commands to steer the robot in real time.
The fly, in other words, believed to be airborne when in reality it was fixed to a tether, watching LEDs blink while remote controlling a robot from a virtual-reality simulation arena. Is this The Matrix, or Avatar, for flies?

Dopo il robot che integra i neuroni del cervello di un ratto, questo esperimento permette ad un moscerino, ancora vivo, di guidare un piccolo bot, come in una sorta di avatar.
Insomma, ci si avvicina al robocop!


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