Skype 5.0b2: videoconferenza in dieci #LegaNerd

Popular video chat client Skype released an update to its version 5 beta today, bringing a new interface and the long-awaited ability to participate in video chats with more than two people.

The new interface is much more streamlined than the current version 4, splitting the main window much less confusingly into two simple panes: a buddy list and the Skype Home window, from which you can edit your profile and give feedback as well. And, as always, you can bring Skype back down to a compact view if you prefer to just see your contact list.

More interesting, though, is the addition of 10-way video calling, which is an even further step up from the previous five-way calling added earlier this Spring.

Non si sa ancora se la videochiamata in 10 sarà una funzionalità premium una volta uscita dalla beta, però al momento è tranquillamente utilizzabile.

Disponibile attualmente solo per Windows. :-(

Via LifeHacker

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