Danboard a Singapore #LegaNerd

Singapore-based artist Anton Tang takes unused plastic figurines and repositions them in Lilliputian set-ups full of humor and pathos, thus reimagining what it means to be human.


“Toys?” we hear you say. “But that’s cardboard in those shots, right?” Wrong. Sorry to disappoint you, paper recycling lovers, but the objects Anton has so ingeniously brought to life beneath his artful eye are Danboard figures, or Mini Danbos for short — characters in cardboard box suits born of the Japanese manga series Yotsuba&!.

Via Phonkmeister | 1800recycling

Alessio Marinelli a.k.a. Defkon1

Software developer, appassionato di tutto ciò che è possibile smontare e rimontare in modo differente, ma anche di cinema, fumetti e cucina.
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