P Versus NP? Solved(?) #LegaNerd

O almeno così pare!
Dear Fellow Researchers,

I am pleased to announce a proof that P is not equal to NP, which is attached in 10pt and 12pt fonts.

The proof required the piecing together of principles from multiple areas

within mathematics. The major effort in constructing this proof was uncovering

a chain of conceptual links between various fields and viewing them through

a common lens. Second to this were the technical hurdles faced

at each stage in the proof.

This work builds upon fundamental contributions many esteemed researchers

have made to their fields. In the presentation of this paper, it was my

intention to provide the reader with an understanding of the global framework

for this proof. Technical and computational details within chapters were

minimized as much as possible.

This work was pursued independently of my duties as a HP Labs researcher, and

without the knowledge of others. I made several unsuccessful attempts these

past two years trying other combinations of ideas before I began this work.

Comments and suggestions for improvements to the paper are highly welcomed.


Vinay Deolalikar

Principal Research Scientist

HP Labs


Qui i due PDF


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