L’iPhone 4 ai raggi X #LegaNerd

Ecoo la radiografia dell’ iPhone 4, da questa immagine possiamo dire che è anche bello dentro.

P.s. è bello dentro perchè beve Rocchetta che lo aiuta a fare plin plin :D

Via http://ispazio.wordpress.com


One day when I was chillin’ in Kentucky Fried Chicken
Just mindin’ my business, eatin’ food and finger lickin’
This dude walked in lookin’ strange and kind of funny
Went up to the front with a menu and his money
He didn’t walk straight, kind of side to side
He asked this old lady, “Yo, yo, um…is this Kentucky Fried?”
The lady said “Yeah”, smiled and he smiled back
He gave a quarter and his order, small fries, Big Mac!

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