Quadrophenia #LegaNerd

Trailer for the 1979 film Quadrophenia. This film was produced by pop group The Who and based on their 1971 album of the same name. The film stars a young Phil Daniels along side Sting, Leslie Ash, Ray Winstone and Toyah Wilcox. This trailer was sourced form a Thorn EMI VHS release of Kenny Everetts Naughty Video.

We’re mods (meglio nerds :D)! Film fantastico!


One day when I was chillin' in Kentucky Fried Chicken Just mindin' my business, eatin' food and finger lickin' This dude walked in lookin' strange and kind of funny Went up to the front with a menu and his money He didn't walk straight, kind of side to side He asked this old lady, "Yo, yo, um...is this Kentucky Fried?" The lady said "Yeah", smiled and he smiled back He gave a quarter and his order, small fries, Big Mac!
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