Honey Pie, iperrealistics dolls #LegaNerd

Her lips are full and pink. Her teal green eyes are intense and inviting. Her black eyeliner accentuates her high cheekbones and her strawberry hair complements her light African skin. Her metallic halter dress holds her supple thighs and pushes on her round breast. She is the result of careful attention and workmanship. When you see her up close, you can’t help but stare. At $6000, she’s certainly not a cheap date. For creator, Matt McMullen, she’s a work of art. For everyone else, she’s a Real Doll.

Mi ha ricordato questa frase:

Il commercio. È il nostro fine qui alla Tyrell. “Più umano dell’umano” è il nostro slogan.

Questo è il top delle Bambole Gonfiabili e credo meriti di stare tra gli NT!


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