9/10 luglio 1856, nasceva Nikola Tesla #LegaNerd

Nikola Tesla geeked early on electricity at Austria’s Graz University of Technology and Prague’s Charles University, before landing an electrical engineering gig at Budapest’s national telephone company in 1881. Shortly after becoming its prize engineer and reportedly inventing either a telephone repeater or the first loudspeaker, Tesla job-hopped to the Continental Edison Company in Paris. From there, he eventually migrated to the United States to join his scientific contemporary, and lifelong nemesis, Thomas Edison.

Allo scoccare della mezzanotte del 9 luglio 1856 nasceva Nikola Tesla, una delle figure di scienziato più affascinanti e misteriose.

Decisamente un mito nerd, impersonato in The Prestige da un altrettanto mitico David Bowie.

Leggetevi questo articolo su Wired che ne ripercorre la vita, lo scontro con Edison e le mille geniali idee, più o meno presunte, sulle quali ha lavorato:

Since then, Tesla has become a pop-culture touchstone for both scientific invention and conspiracy theory. His experiments on regeneration and teleportation showed up in Christopher Nolan’s 2006 mystery film The Prestige, with David Bowie inhabiting Tesla’s outsize shoes. His theories of telegeodynamics have continued to galvanize conspiracy theorists concerned that the Air Force Research Laboratory’s High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP, is being used to create earthquakes and remotely control minds.


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