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Hello everybody!.

We just finished our last short: “Timelapsus”. Experimental work where we mixed 3d animation a photography using a motion control robot made by us. The creation of the short, including building the motion control robot and it´s software, took 5 month. Only 3 people and a musician working all day!. It was filmed (99,9%) using a digital reflex photo camera. The timelapse shot is a 2700 photo sequence that was taken in 4 hours (realtime) and was designed previously in a 3d software. This motion control system permit us to produce a moving time-lapse shot from day to night without cuts having 360º of freedom in camera rotations and any displacement across rails we want (we´re currently developing the second motion control prototype).

Since this project we are working together in Physalia Studio. We hope we can continue making, developing and experimenting with visual effects as proffesionals in the future.

Rispetto estremo per il Physalia Studio

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