Torta-teschio a tre dimensioni #LegaNerd

Mmmmm delicious!!!

First up, making the skull-face: I got an anatomical model of a human skull and a whole load of food grade silicone. After putty-ing up the fiddly details and finding suitable containers for the skull and jaw I poured the silicone around them and left it for 48 hours to set. After de-molding the originals I trimmed the molds down to make them more flexible.
I cast the jaw and face out of milk chocolate and used dental tools to carve some of the detail back in.
Next the cakey cranium: I made chocolate sponge (pictured looking like a magnificent pair of um… mounds) and sandwiched them with yet more milk chocolate, I trimmed them down to the right size and shape and covered the lot in yet more milk chocolate for structural integrity.
finally, I poured over chocolate ganche and painted the teeth with high % dark chocolate.
I took the skull cake up to work, where it was promptly demolished. mmmm cake and half a ton of chocolate!
Chloe Bird

Sarebbe un dolce perfetto per Halloween!

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Adoro coltivare melanzane, collezionare coriandoli, il sapore della rugiada sulle foglie di passiflora e riconoscere sagome di animali estinti in cumulonembi instabili.
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