Maxims for Manhood: le 100 regole che ogni uomo dovrebbe seguire #LegaNerd

This book might not be for you. It’s only intended for people who fall into one of these seven buckets:
1) you are a man;
2) you will become a man;
3) you were once a man;
4) you are related to a man;
5) you are dating or have married a man;
6) you think that in the future, perhaps, you will date or marry a man;
7) you know, or think that at some point you will know–whether casually or formally–a man.

Per noi Nerd le leggi della virilità sono spesso oscure, se non deliberatamente disattese.
Ma i risultati si vedono, specie nella competizione per la femmina… ;-)
Conosci il tuo nemico, leggi Maxims for Manhood!
Alcuni esempi:
Your dog must be larger than a toaster. Tip well. Never use the word “blossom.” Outperform the GPS. Know how to chug a beer (and know that you shouldn’t). Always hold the door. Never use emoticons.



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