Peter Jackson potrebbe dirigere Lo Hobbit! #LegaNerd

If earlier this afternoon you felt a lightness in your step, if you thought you faintly heard the collective geek consciousness of the world let out a relieved sigh, we know the reason why. Rejoice, friends, for it seems the tumult that has been plaguing the filming of The Hobbit is finally being resolved in the best of all possible ways!
Yes, word has reached us via the good folks at Sci Fi Wire, who had the news from Deadline New York, that Peter Jackson is in negotiations to take the helm of the movies (it will be made in two parts).

E vabbè, saranno 2 film, perchè si vede che con meno non rientrano dei costi?
Comunque, dopo tutto il casino, Peter Jackson resta il candidato migliore, speriamo solo che sia la volta buona…

Foto by Rob Chandler.


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