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Light interference on soap bubbles – a physical phenomenon that surrounds our everyday lives and yet it goes largely unnoticed.

These macro-photographs depicts the natural iridescent colors you see when light catches a clear soap bubble.
A flat soap film is made by dipping a wire frame into the soap bubble mixture. The frame is held above a dark surface, and a studio light is aimed at the bubble. The camera is aimed so that the reflection of the light will be seen over the entire surface of the bubble, and a macro-photograph is taken of that reflection.

All images are created completely in the camera with minor contrast and saturation adjustments.
The characteristics of the light source and the soap bubble formula (wich directly influence the thickness and viscosity of the film) are esential for capturing bright, intense colors.

questa foto e altre sul suo sito ufficiale http://www.akindofmagic.eu/statement.html

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